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Posing With Kal by AbbyRomana Posing With Kal :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 0 0 BG-Stephanie Brown by AbbyRomana BG-Stephanie Brown :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 1 2 Red Hood-JT by AbbyRomana Red Hood-JT :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 1 3 Nightwing_Dick_Grayson by AbbyRomana Nightwing_Dick_Grayson :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 1 3
More Than Fond
Fondness. That's the word Barbara Gordon used to explain the troubling occurrences. At least, it was what she told her friends.
First, her throat would go dry. Then, her heart would beat just a little bit faster than normal. Next, her face would get a little warmer. Finally, despite her best efforts, a broad grin would curve her lips upward. All of it was due to Richard Grayson entering the room.
She told herself repeatedly it was because she was fond of the thirteen year old. "Who wouldn't be," she mentally told herself, nibbling on the cap on the end of her favorite blue pen and scrutinizing Richard's relaxed posture over the top of her American history book. As he did during most lunch periods, he was socializing with some mathletes.
Genius was one way to describe him, but she thought there was more to him than that. He was also the second best gymnast Barbara had ever seen, just after the Boy Wonder, and yet, he wasn't on the Academy's squad. That puzzled her, but she assume
:iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 0 9
Give Me a Reason
With a loud groan, Superboy pulled himself up and over the high ridge. Happy Harbor was spread out below him, while far above he could see several dark clouds massing. A storm was approaching.
Superboy decided that he didn't care. He was just happy to have climbed all the way up here on his own without using any superpowers. Sure, he could have easily leapt the height of Mount Justice in two or three bounds, but he had wanted to do it this way.
The experience had been just as accelerating as Robin said it would be. He would have to thank the kid later, maybe finally agree to play one of those TV games with him. Sitting with his legs dangling over the edge, he drew in a few deep breaths. He could feel the muscles in his arms vibrating from the exertion and sweat running down his face and back. It felt so good! A small pleasured smile flittered across his face.
"I bet not even Superman's done this without flying or his super strength," Superboy said with a chuckle. Wiping the sweat from
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Steph by AbbyRomana Steph :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 0 1 Furious Robin by AbbyRomana Furious Robin :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 0 0 White Watcher on the Green by AbbyRomana White Watcher on the Green :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 1 2 Shades of Luck by AbbyRomana Shades of Luck :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 1 1
Summer Acquaintances
                                              Summer Acquantainances
Luke Smith’s fingers linked behind his head as he rested on the soft grass. Drawing in a deep breath, his eyes fluttered shut and a calm feeling swept over him as he lay on his black jacket beside Jenny. Her voice was melodic to his ears as she vividly described her adventures on distant planets revolving around stars glittering in the night sky. He could feel the warmth of her body on his skin each time she shifted on the lining of his jacket, putting her a bit closer to him each time. A smile tugged at his lips whenever he heard her bubbly laughter. He was trying to picture what it must be like to be that free, to travel the stars. Part of him wished he could travel all of time and spa
:iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 2 3
Meez Five by AbbyRomana Meez Five :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 1 3 Time Lady: Abby Romana by AbbyRomana Time Lady: Abby Romana :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 3 20
Adric's First Christmas
                                               First Christmas
Adric's eyes snapped open. His blurry gaze could not lock onto anything in the pitch blackness of his bedroom. But an encompassing sound drew him from his sleep.  It was a loud and very familiar groaning noise. He was sure it was being produced by the TARDIS. The sound occurred only twice in flight: during materialization and dematerialization sequences.
In his mind Adric counted each time he heard the noise in the last two hours. This time he was sure the TARDIS had materialized (landed). But why had it landed? Why did it keep landing and taking off repeatedly?  Shifting position on his bed, he considered his queries. He decided a better question was why the Doctor
:iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 5 4
Fuzzy Snow Day by AbbyRomana Fuzzy Snow Day :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 0 0 Levi's Present by AbbyRomana Levi's Present :iconabbyromana:AbbyRomana 0 6


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United States
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I'm personally more than a bit freaked about this reboot, relaunch, whatever you want to call it. :cries:

Mostly because of a picture I was shown of the JLA... a rather young JLA with many members looking to be in their twenties. WTF, DC! :wtf:

I mean, I get their desire to show the begins of this new universe/timeline, flashing back to when the team was energetic, full of hope, and zealous, but really? Why do they have to go all the way back, wiping out several decades of character growth, world development, and more than that...

What does this mean for the younger generations of the DC universe?

The characters that helped ease more than a few new generations of comic book readers into DC comics or reintroduce us after we've been away so long. While Wonder Woman was my first exposure to comics, it was the younger counterparts, such as Batgirl, Supergirl, Robin!Dick, and Wonder Girl that made me stay both when I was a kid and during my more recent return. I've even grown to really enjoy the newer characters, including Superboy!Connor, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Miss Martian, Jason Todd, and so on.

DC has built up several amazing amount of new and interesting generations of heroes within the last three or four decades, enlarging and enriching their existing superhero families, groups, and the universe as a whole. They, imo, have been key to forming and strengthening the core to the DC universe nowadays, and it seems like DC is just carelessly tossing all of them aside like they are pointless.

What happens to these characters? Will they return as the timeline continues forward, i.e. a series of Robins to fill the partner/sidekick role of Batman? Or will all these younger heroes cease to exist? Will there even be sidekicks in this new, rebooted universe? Will there be a Teen Titans or Young Justice?

The answer whether I made the right decision to return to reading comics and probably whether I'll be sticking around any further. :worry:
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